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Beach Hill Cozy Mysteries

Welcome to idyllic Beach Hill, home of ocean breezes, clapboard cottages, and a dash of murder.

A PRECARIOUS PERCH: A Beach Hill Cozy Short Story

Available now!

Get to know Andrea Biscotti and Beach Hill in this fun short story.


Andrea Biscotti thinks she’s in for a regular day at work, until a crying colleague and a missing watch end up derailing her day. The ensuing adventure launches Andrea into a new friendship and puts Beach Hill, Rhode Island, on the map. 

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This story sets the stage for A PARADE AND A PERP, the first full-length Beach Hill mystery. 

A PARADE & A PERP: A Beach Hill Cozy Mystery • Book 1

Andrea Biscotti has a lot to juggle: She's helping pop star Madison Beech move into her newly-renovated Beach Hill estate and prepping her family's rental cottages for the start of the summer season-just a few days before Beach Hill's annual Memorial Day Boat Parade.

When Andrea's cousin and cottage handyman Ricky doesn't show up at a family birthday party, Andrea is annoyed. The morning after the party, the body of a local art dealer is found floating in the cove. The prime murder suspect? Ricky. Andrea believes he's innocent, and starts looking into Ricky's whereabouts the night of the murder.


But as the evidence mounts, Ricky looks more and more guilty, even to Andrea. And as members of Madison's team arrive in Beach Hill-especially AJ, the hot IT guy-Andrea keeps tossing more and more balls in the air. She finds respite in Didi's Tea Shoppe, but still has to keep Beach Hill Realty up and running while solving the mystery.


Andrea must prove her cousin's innocence, identify the real killer, make sure that Madison's house is move-in ready, and greet her guests with fresh towels and a smile-all before Boat Parade Weekend.

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